When Sandra visits her postpartum daughter, Carlie, at her disheveled New York apartment, Sandra can’t escape her judgmental ways. Although the two have always had a volatile relationship, tensions come to a head when Carlie, an exhausted new mom, confronts Sandra and her overbearingness.

World Premiere
10 Minutes

Directed by Susanna Wolk
Written and Produced  by Madia Hill Scott

Sandra: Deborah Lorine Thomas
Carlie: Madia Hill Scott
Marcus: Caleb Davis
Lania: Jesse Edwards Jr.

Director: Susanna Wolk
DP: Chris Parente
Writer/Producer: Madia Hill Scott
Editor: John Handem Piette
Sound Mixer: Julia Kaufman
Colorist: Chris Parente
Sound Editor/Dialogue Editor: Sun Ruge


Part of Opening Night Block 1

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