When Sandra visits her postpartum daughter, Carlie, at her disheveled New York apartment, Sandra can’t escape her judgmental ways. Although the two have always had a volatile relationship, tensions come to a head when Carlie, an exhausted new mom, confronts Sandra and her overbearingness.Trillo & Suede is a film noir parody web series featuring a ventriloquist/detective and his wooden partner. It is set in Brooklyn, New York City, Episode One of ten weekly episodes was released on January 1, 2020. Season Two will be released in fall, 2020. The series is created, written and executive produced by real-life ventriloquist Jonathan Geffner, who also plays the title roles.

World Premiere
10 Minutes

Directed by Susanna Wolk
Written and Produced  by Madia Hill Scott

Sandra: Deborah Lorine Thomas
Carlie: Madia Hill Scott
Marcus: Caleb Davis
Lania: Jesse Edwards Jr.

Director: Susanna Wolk
DP: Chris Parente
Writer/Producer: Madia Hill Scott
Editor: John Handem Piette
Sound Mixer: Julia Kaufman
Colorist: Chris Parente
Sound Editor/Dialogue Editor: Sun Ruge


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