2021 Festival of Cinema NYC Official Selection Laurels

Please screenshot your 2021 laurels here or download the .png file attached to your original email.



Dear Filmmaker,

Welcome to the 2021 Festival of Cinema NYC! The entire staff of Festival of Cinema NYC would like to thank and congratulate you. We look forward to having you participate in the upcoming festival. It has been a tumultuous time to say the least, but we are finally here. Please be sure to look over EACH SECTION carefully.

As you are aware, we are in a time crunch, so please be sure to follow all instructions and get us all your materials as soon as you can so our team can get to work. The faster you get us your materials, the easier you make it for the entire festival staff and we will love you even more for it! Keep in mind that things are ever evolving and there is sure to be additional announcements including special events, news on invited speakers and jurors, networking events, and additional discounts to be offered by our sponsors, so  be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @FestofCinemaNYC, also keep an eye on the ‘Special Offers’ tab for updates. 

**Please note, we ask that you do not publicize in any form or manner (social media, news media, print, etc.) the acceptance of your film into the 2021 Festival of Cinema NYC Film Festival until our official festival press release. WE ARE ANTICIPATING TO ANNOUNCE THE FESTIVAL LINE-UP AND FULL SCHEDULE THROUGH A MASS PRESS RELEASE ON OR AROUND TUESDAY, AUGUST 24TH 2021. At that time all filmmakers may freely announce their participation at the 2021 Festival of Cinema NYC as the schedule will be up and ticket sales will be available. This will benefit your personal promotion, by allowing you to promote the actual day and time of your film screening. It will also allow us to reach out to as much press for equal coverage of all our films. 

Below are the instructions for selected films. It’s very important that you take action immediately and complete the steps below by AUGUST 12th. Failure to complete the steps below in a timely manner may force us to disqualify your film from the festival and make your slot available to shortlisted films.

Festival of Cinema NYC

September 24th – October 3rd 2019

Taking place at the Regal UA Midway in Forest Hills Queens




1: Confirm your participation before August 10th

To confirm your participation in the festival, you must reply to our [acceptance] email and fill out the FILMMAKER QUESTIONNAIRE by following THIS LINK

The information used from the questionnaire will help our web designers build your ticketing page on our website, confirm that you agree to show your film and that a screening copy will be available during the festival.

**if you have already confirmed your film and have filled out the questionnaire you DO NOT have to send it again.

NOTE: Festival of Cinema does not accept films that require screening fees.


**all files sent to us – press kits, images, videos etc., regardless of file TYPE,  must be labeled with the NAME of your film (eg. MyMovie.png, MyMovie.Mp4, etc.)**


2: Filmmakers Webpage Requirements

For each film selected for the festival, Festival of Cinema publishes detailed info on their website that is constructed using the information you provided on the Filmmaker Questionnaire. Without this information our team will not be able to include your film on our website. For this purpose, please do not send our web and programming team your EPK (Electronic Press Kit.)

Once published, if changes are needed within a block of text such as the synopsis, the crew, the cast, or the bio, please email THE ENTIRE NEW CORRECTED BLOCK AND NOT JUST THE CHANGES.

» ALWAYS enter THE FILM TITLE in the subject of all emails to the festival. This will it make it easier for our team to locate your correspondence

Please submit the following materials by August 12th, for webpage inclusion, to Programming@FestivalofCinemaNYC.com

72 dpi vertical image no larger than 700px ht. X 500px w


72 dpi horizontal image no larger than 500px ht X 667px w (preferred)


  • Trailers will be posted across our social media platforms to promote your film, in addition to having it placed on the website, so if you have a trailer please make sure to get it to us!


3: Materials for Press

See PR FAQ tab for further instructions

Please note that all press requirements are IN ADDITION to any and all materials required by the web and programming team.


4: Projection copy

Festival of Cinema NYC will be screening films at the Regal UA Midway located in Forest Hills, Queens New York. Exhibition copies will require a DCP conversion of their film OR a hard copy blu-ray, unless otherwise instructed. If you cannot provide a DCP of your film, please contact the programming department at programming@festivalofcinemanyc.com to make arrangements.

Once again Festival of Cinema has partnered with Simple DCP, a leader in DCP conversions renowned for their work with SXSW, Newport Beach Film Festival and Holly Shorts film festival. As an event sponsor Simple DCP is offering a 20% discount on conversion services to all our participating filmmakers. See more info below.

If you are unsure whether we need a copy of your film in DCP or have questions regarding other digital formats (pro-res, H.264, etc.) please contact us at  Programming@FestivalofCinemaNYC.com

Provide to Simple DCP by September 10th.

Festival of Cinema has partnered with Simple DCP to handle all film print deliveries this year. Please read the below instructions carefully to ensure we receive your film:

Steps to Submit Your Film: 

Simple DCP will offer our filmmakers a 20% discount on DCP creation services and complimentary archival services. There will be no charge for filmmakers who submit a compatible, pre-existing DCP to Simple DCP.

Whether you submit a current DCP to Simple DCP or have your DCP created with Simple DCP, your DCP can also be quickly and affordably delivered to other festivals and venues. Every DCP in the Simple DCP archive will be integrated into partner festivals free of charge. 

For this year’s Festival of Cinema NYC, Simple DCP will collect, create (if necessary), test, and ship all DCPs to the exhibition venue in an organized and efficient fashion.  Please see below each step to complete the process:

  1. Fill out your print submission form.Use the following print submission link to notify Simple DCP as to whether you need them to create a DCP for you OR you are simply sending them a pre-existing 3rd party DCP via this link:


  1. Send your film to Simple DCP. After completing the above print submission form, you must send your film directly to Simple DCP. The portal will instruct you how to deliver your content based on your preferred delivery method. You must complete the print submission form and upload/ship your material to Simple DCP via the above link no later than September 10th. Discounts on the Simple DCP service will end after September 10th and consolidation fees will be assessed on films submitted after September 15th.
  2. Simple DCP will then create all new DCPs and gather all pre-existing 3rd party DCPs and perform QA tests to ensure that each film will screen without any unforeseen playback issues.
  3. Once QA checks have been completed, Simple DCP will ship all films directly to the venue.

If you have any questions or concerns about the above process, please email Simple DCP at info@simpledcp.com or call them at 213-375-8327 for assistance. 



5: Awards Nominations

In order to be considered for an award nomination, filmmakers must send a downloadable link to their film AND a hard copy DVD/Blu-ray by September 1st, 2021. **The copy submitted will also act as a back up copy of your film. 

Note: Screening copy must be in English or with English subtitles.

We accept NTSC and Region Free DVD/Blu-ray

Send to


the link to a downloadable

Apple PRO RES 422 1920X1080 file or a comparable Hi Res file

(5.1 surround or stereo).

Send Blu-ray or DVD (not SR) by courier to:

Festival of Cinema NYC
Attn: Print Traffic
90-60 Union Turnpike, Suite 8A
Glendale, NY 11385
T: +1 929.278.KGFC (5432)


Thank you very much!

Jayson Simba, Founder/Executive Director

Festival of Cinema NYC


Press FAQs

Dear Festival of Cinema NYC Filmmakers,

Greetings from the Festival of Cinema NYC Press Office, and congratulations on your film’s selection in the festival! Our mission is publicize the festival’s overall film program and events and create amazing buzz leading up to and during the festival.

There are some very important protocols to follow. To help you, we’ve created Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that will guide you:


Q: What Materials do filmmakers need to send and by when?

**Please note the following materials are SEPARATE from the required Programming Department materials and should be sent in addition to the programming requirements on separate emails.


Email to Press@FestivalofCinemaNYC.com the following materials ASAP or no later than Friday, AUGUST 13th, 2021:

***Always enter [THE FILM TITLE] as well as PRESS MATERIALS in the subject of all emails to the festival!

A private, password-protected Vimeo screener link of your film (NOT downloadable) for press preview purposes. IF an ONLINE SCREENER is not available, mail DVD SCREENERS of your film for press coverage purposes (ship to: Festival of Cinema NYC, Attn: PR Department, 90-60 Union Turnpike, Suite 8A, Glendale NY 11385)

*Please note that if you sent us a DVD or BluRay for awards consideration, there is no need to send another.

PRESS KIT (as PDF file).

PRINTED MATERIALS (Optional for films under 50 minutes)

If you do not have any printed materials for your film (posters, postcards, banners, etc.) Festival of Cinema NYC sponsor PRINT BIG CITY is offering printing specials to all our filmmakers. Please refer to the SPECIAL OFFERS tab for more info.

For those that have printed materials for your film, please adhere to the following:

Send the following materials by no later than Friday, September 10th, 2021. (ship to: Festival of Cinema NYC, Attn: PR Department, 90-60 Union Turnpike, Suite 8A, Glendale NY 11385)

1 movie posters – Standard size is 27″ x 40″ or 27″ x 41″ (either size will do)

Postcards – We recommend at least 100-200

Q: When can a filmmaker and/or their publicists start to publicize and promote that their films have been accepted into Festival of Cinema?

A: You can begin publicizing and promoting your film’s acceptance into Festival of Cinema NYC with press and on social media (ie. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) after we have published your film’s webpage and our Press Release announcing the line-up on approximately Tuesday, August 24th. We usually prepare the webpage shortly after you have confirmed your participation and completed the “Step 2: email the materials needed to prepare your film’s web page”.

Q: What if your film has distribution and will eventually have theatrical release? Will Festival of Cinema submit your film for full reviews?

A: No. Festival of Cinema NYC only submits screeners of its films to local news dailies & weeklies, TV & Radio, and online/blogs for festival curtain raisers (which are essentially capsule reviews or festival highlights/picks) and other feature coverage about the festival. Our Official Press Release announcing the film line-up (see Question above) will have a note in it that says “All films are embargoed for full reviews. Only capsule reviews, curtain raisers, festival highlights/picks and features will be permitted.” It will be up to you as the filmmaker and/or your publicist (if you have one) if you want certain press outlets to review your film in full.

Q: How do press receive accreditation to attend and cover Festival of Cinema?

A: Online pre-registration is required and is admissible up to one week prior the start of the festival. Accreditation is by no means immediate and is subject to the approval of festival organizers. If a press accreditation request is approved, that person applying will be notified by email with confirmation and their press badge will be available for pick up during the festival. The link to register for press accreditation will be made available Sept. 1st, 2021.

Q: Does Festival of Cinema have an Accredited Press List that we share with filmmakers/publicists?

A: Yes! This list consists of only press who have pre-registered for press accreditation (see above) and have been approved to attend the festival for their press coverage purposes. The Press Accreditation list will become available upon request to our filmmakers and/or their publicists once we have announced the festival line-up on Tuesday, August 24th 2021. We kindly ask you to keep all press contact information confidential, and be respectful of journalists and film critics when pitching for your targeted coverage purposes.

Q: Will there be any advanced press screenings for films showing at Festival of Cinema NYC?

A: No, there will not be any advanced press screenings for Festival of Cinema NYC.

Q: Does Festival of Cinema arrange for any interviews for the filmmakers/actors/subjects, etc?

A: No, but we will forward any interviews requests directly to you or your publicist for you to arrange and coordinate yourselves. The Festival of Cinema NYC Press Office pitches the overall festival program and events to maximize exposure and build buzz in advance of and during the festival by procuring curtain raisers (festival preview features) and capsule reviews/film picks/highlights with local media including print dailies & weeklies, TV & Radio, and online/blogs.

Q: Is there a press lounge where you can schedule your interviews?

A: Yes. Feel free to utilize the Official Filmmaker Lounge everyday of the festival from Sept. 24 – October 3 2021, at Yant Tattoo Studio located at 71-51 Austin Street 2nd floor.

Q: Will there be red carpet coverage for all films?

A: No. There will only be a red carpet coverage for our opening night, closing night and select weeknight evening premieres. We will have a step & repeat within the UA Midway Stadium 9 venue where you can take photos before your film begins. Our staff photographer will take photos in front of the step & repeat approximately 30-45 minutes before the start of the screening time.

For films that do not have official red carpets,  there may be times where the step & repeat is left up, and you are most certainly welcome to take photos there with your film team.

Q: What is the official name of the festival?

Correct: Festival of Cinema NYC

Incorrect: Forest Hills Film Festival


We’re very excited to have you at Festival of Cinema and look forward to meeting you all soon!

Best regards,


Press Team

Festival of Cinema NYC



The 2021 Festival of Cinema NYC runs for 10 days: from Friday, September 24th through Sunday, October 3rd, with the final night awards ceremony to take place on Sunday October 3rd.



REGAL United Artist Midway Stadium 9

where: 108-22 Queens Blvd, Forest Hills, NY 11375

when: September 24th through October 3rd

what: Historic venue in the heart of Forest Hills. Our main theater venue featuring red carpet backdrop and primary screenings


Yant Tattoo Studio

where: 71-51 Austin Street Floor 2, Forest Hills NY 11375

when:  Everyday of the festival from September 24th through October 3rd. Open daily from 9am to 9pm

what: The official festival lounge, where all filmmakers will get the chance to participate in the daily Indie Film Spotlight Podcast presented by The Indie Film Collective. Special VIP seating will be provided to all filmmakers and badge holders.



Due to the financial challenges we experienced since the 2020 pandemic, Festival of Cinema does not provide airfare or hotel accommodations. Information on hotel discounts will  be updated as we acquire additional sponsors for the 2021 festival.



Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the handle @FestofCinemaNYC, to stay up to date on all our announcements and special events. Join us throughout the 10 days as we have many networking opportunities planned, including our Opening, Mid-Week and Closing night party, and our Awards Ceremony. Networking events, podcast interview opportunities, as well as info on special gatherings will also be announced via our social media and newsletter.

Award Nominations and Ceremony

Filmmakers will be notified in early September of any nominations they have received for their work. At that time details to the location of the Awards Ceremony and how to obtain tickets for entry will be sent to you.



Festival Filmmaker Badges

Each film receives two (2) complimentary FILMMAKER BADGES (which allows entry into every festival film and after party at no cost). Badges will be available for pick up beginning Friday September 24 inside the Regal UA Midway lobby. 

**Please note that festival badges must be assigned and names of badge holder(s) must be provided prior to pick up**.

Discounted tickets:

Festival of Cinema NYC offers a $3  discount on ticket sales to all SAG-AFTRA members and senior citizens.  SAG-AFTRA Members must present their SAG-AFTRA I.D. upon purchase. All discounted tickets must be purchased at the door and are subject to availability. 

Press & Industry tickets:

If you are inviting press representatives to attend your screening, forward the list (name & company) to Press@FestivalofCinemaNYC.com and we will add them to the press & industry list. (Must meet the festival & press accreditation criteria)


» Always enter THE FILM TITLE in the subject of all emails to the festival!




  • Tel +1 (929) 278.KGFC (5432)

  • Fax +1 (718) 849.3457




For all packages the mailing address is the following:


Festival of Cinema NYC

90-60 Union Turnpike, Suite 8A

Glendale, New York 11385


Any unused press materials may be picked up at the festival office at the conclusion of the Festival. Posters have the option to be displayed through the end of the day Sunday October 3, 2021. All unclaimed materials will be disposed of 30 days upon conclusion of the Festival.

Festival of Cinema NYC does not cover any shipping and handling costs. Please clearly indicate on all waybills that transportation and customs charges will be billed to the sender. For custom’s purposes please indicate under declaration “Goods on loan for cultural and educational purposes only. No Commercial Value.” And indicate fair market value not to exceed U.S. $50 for drives.

Filmmakers who wish to have their blu-ray, dvd or small drive returned must include a self addressed stamped envelope.

Please request/obtain confirmation of delivery through the courier tracking service.

Filmmakers must cover all shipping and handling cost associated with any award statuettes they may have won, unclaimed, at the closing night awards ceremony.

Festival of Cinema NYC will not be held responsible for any damage to all materials shipped or received.


For all foreign films:

Make sure you write the following notice on the package/invoice: “VIDEO/FILM FOR FESTIVAL PURPOSES ONLY, NO COMMERCIAL VALUE”.

Through the amazing support of our industry related sponsors, Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema proudly offers award winners unique distribution opportunities and other prizes.

2021 Prizes are Sponsored by:

Videomaker, IndiePix Films, Final Draft, Kitsplit, Soundview Media Partners, iPitch.tv and InkTip


Best in Category Award

Awarded by Jury to the best film in competition in each category: Feature Narrative, Documentary, Short Film,  Web series, and Animation/Experimental/MusicVideo


Best Cinematography

Awarded by Jury to the best Cinematography across all films in competition.


Best Screenplay

Awarded by Jury to the best Screenplay across all films in competition.


Best Picture Editing

Awarded by Jury to the best Editing across all films in competition.


Best Sound Editing

Awarded by Jury to the best Sound Editing across all films in competition.


Best Makeup & FX

Awarded by Jury to the best Makeup & FX across all films in competition.


Best Directing Award

Awarded by Jury to the best Director across all films in competition.


Best Acting Awards

Awarded by Jury to the best Actor and Actress across all films in competition.


Best Supporting Acting Awards

Awarded by Jury to the best Supporting Actor and Actress across all films in competition.


 Audience Award

Awarded by audience members to most popular Feature film and Short film, of any genre, in competition.

*This section will be updated frequently with additional discounts that may be offered through our sponsors from now through October.


Hotel Accommodation Special Offers and Discounts

Please be sure to plan your trip accordingly by being mindful of  the distance from these hotels to our festival grounds. Guests will be responsible for their own transportation.

The Local

9/20/21 – 10/6/2021

Property Name: The Local NY

Address 1: 13-02 44th Ave

City : New York – New York

Postal Code : 11101

Phone: 347-738-5251

Email: info@thelocalny.com

Pre-tax rate of $45/bed/night for beds in all four person dormitories (male, female, or mixed gender) when you use the code QUEENSCINE.   Here is a link with the special code pre-populated 


Crowne Plaza

138-10 135th Avenue
Jamaica, NY  11436, USA

Group Name:  Festival of Cinema

Dates:  September 24 – October 3/2021

Rate:  $159.00 plus tax

Reservations:  Individual

Payment:  On own

Reservation Cut-off date:  September 13, 2021

Block Code:  FOC

Book directly via the hotel website www.cpjfkairporthotel.com with the group code “FOC” or by contacting the hotel via email stay@cpjfkairport.com Please be sure to always reference the Group Code.


HOMES 2 SUITES by Hilton

39-06 30th Street

Long Island City, NY 11101


175.00 plus taxes 

Studio Queen Suites with full kitchen and utensils. Includes a Hot Buffet Breakfast in hotel lobby lounge.

Amenities include a fitness center and coined Laundry machines located in the lower level.

The train station is ½ a block away for the hotel.

Please book directly using this link: https://bit.ly/38ywtaj


Wyndham Garden LaGuardia South

61-18 93rd St, Queens, NY 11374

*Prices Vary / Discount Pending / Mention Film Festival 

Radisson JFK Airport

 135-30 140th Street Jamaica, NY 11436

Ph# 718-322-2300

RATE: Standard King/ $169.00 

Dates: 9/23/21 –  10/04/21

All guest room rates are subject to current New York State sales tax of 8.875%, a current city tax of 5.875%, room occupancy charge of $2.00, and a $1.50 county tax (14.75% + $3.50). These taxes are subject to change. If your guests require parking, it is available at a daily rate of $21.00 per day. This is valet parking only.

Guest Rooms

  • _Check in time 3pm
  • _Check out time 11am
  • _Reservations: Cancellations will be accepted up to 48 Hours prior to arrival.
  • _A $50 deposit per night is required of guests who settle their accounts by cash. This deposit will cover incidentals only.
  • _All room rates are subject to the prevailing state, city, local, and occupancy taxes.


Each individual will be responsible for making their own reservation by calling the hotel directly at (718) 322-2300, via e-mail to jfkreservations@jfkradisson.com or by using the Reslink provided by the hotel, guest must identify themselves as part of the Festival Of Cinema Inc. group. Individuals will be asked to provide a valid credit card to guarantee room reservation as well as for incidentals at check-in time.

Reservation Link: https://www.radissonhotelsamericas.com/en-us/booking/room-display?checkInDate=2021-09-27&checkOutDate=2021-09-28&adults%5B%5D=1&children%5B%5D=0&searchType=pac&promotionCode=FESTIV&brandFirst=rad&hotelCode=USAJFNY

Cut-Off Date for Reservations:

All reservations must be received by September 16, 2021.

Any reservations received after this date will be honored on a space available basis at the prevailing rate.




Print Big City Printing Offer

Festival of Cinema NYC sponsor PRINT BIG CITY is offering all our filmmakers amazing deals on printing services. Feel free to take advantage of this special offering. As an added bonus, there will be no shipping charges for orders placed prior to September 10, 2021 that are addressed to the festival. All orders can be picked up directly at our Festival Office.  For any additional questions or inquiries please contact Paul at Print Big City directly.

28-12 41st Ave. LIC, NY 11101


Special pricing for Film Festival 2021 Only:

Poster Deals – Full Color 1 side on 100lb text

11 x 17 – $1.50 each film special $1each – min 25 copies
12 x 18 – $1.75 each film special $1.25 each – min 25 copies

Additional Printing Services

Additional Printing Services

Option A
1000 Business Cards – $75

5000 Business Cards – $125
Printed on 14 pt Cover full color both sides with AQ or UV

Option B
1000 Postcards – size – 4 x 6 – $150

2500 Postcards – size – 4 x 6 – $200

5000 Postcards – size – 4 x 6 – $250
Printed on 14pt Cover full color both sides with AQ or UV

Option C 

Any Size Vinyl Banner 
Printed 10 oz vinyl with grommets

Price $3.50 per square foot – Great Deal –

Option D
Any Size up to 4’ x 8′
Foam Board Printed on 3/16″
Price $6.00 per square foot – Great Deal –
Option E
Any Size Coroplast Poster up to 4’ x 8’
Printed on 4mm Coroplast Poster
Price $5.00 per square foot – Great Deal –
Option F
Custom full color Table Throw on Washable Fabric – 132″ x 90” – (for 6ft table )

Price $250.00

Please submit files as follow –  paul@printbigcity.com:
1 – Hi Res PDF -Tiff and Jpeg if you don’t have PDF
2 – 300 dpi with 1/8” or 1/4” bleed
3 – CYMK

Local Bar and Restaurant Venues

If you are looking to host an after party for your film, below are contacts and address of places that have worked with us in the past. Feel free to reach out to them and arrange an event. Let them know you are part of Festival of Cinema NYC……”that film festival happening at the Regal UA Midway in Forest Hills.”


Queens Bully


contact: Suraj Patel;  suraj@queensbully.com

Phone: (718) 520-8600

Address: 113-30 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11375

Austin Public

Contact: Declan

Email: austinpublic1@gmail.com

Phone: (718) 575-0070

Address: 70-28 Austin St, Forest Hills, NY 11375

Agra Palace Indian Restaurant & Party Hall

Contact: Tharek

Phone: (718) 261-8880

Address: 116-33 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11375

Forest Hills Station House

106-11 71st Ave, Queens, NY 11375

Jade Eatery and Lounge

1 Station Square, Queens, NY 11375