Gabrielle, 13, is a talented artist. And what she loves to draw most is ballet. However, she’s never danced a step in her life. When she sees a beautiful ballerina her age practicing at her neighborhood studio, Gabrielle resolves to learn ballet herself. But her learning curve is steep and her teacher, Madame Oksana, is a bully, determined to undermine and humiliate Gabrielle.

Meanwhile, Camille, the star ballerina at Madame Oksana’s school, notices Gabrielle’s drawing talent and wants to be her friend. But in the highly political world of ballet school, can a princess and an outcast be friends? And can Gabrielle push past Madame’s bullying to realize her own worth? A story about determination, resilience, true friendship and finding what moves you.

10 Minutes

Written and Directed by Nicola Rose

Adèle Marie-Alix (Gabrielle)
Julia Ann Morales (Camille)
Valeriya Korennaya (Madame Oksana)
Maggie Stephens (Serena)
Alina Cecilia (Carly)
Destiny Monet Cruz (Isabella)
Maggie Shirk (Macy)

Nicola Rose (director)
Jon Reino (cinematographer)
Brandon Ascari (sound)
Amanda Lamarr (assistant director)
Kacey Montana (assistant director)
Joan Mirabella (ballet coach)
Becky Morgan (production designer)
Jennifer Himes (production artwork)
David Rauch-Bautista (gaffer)
Sasha Kondratyuk (grip)


Part of Opening Night Block 1

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