Bonding over a shared history of trauma, Dawn and Phoebe realize they must learn to trust each other and work together if they want to get through a night full of unexpected twists and violent turns

East Coast Premiere

1 hr 36 minutes

Directed by Max Strand
Written by Max Strand & Todd Rawiszer
Produced by Josh Michaels, Max Strand, Todd Rawiszer

Allison: Peyton Michhelle Edwards
Dawn Miller: Pamela Jayne Morgan
Phoebe Beenum: Juliette Alice Gobin
Zach: Rafe Soule
Tyler: Jake Laurence
Whitney Rodick: Keara Benton
Cass Rodick: Paul C Kelly

Director of Photography: Todd Rawiszer
Editor: Jay Yachetta
Production Designer: Cansu Guney
Hair & Make-up/ Costumes: Abigail Hayden



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