Hello, Say is a twenty-minute short film about psychotic billionaires and pissed off bees. The story unfolds during a home invasion gone wrong. Formerly a wealthy businessman and now a fugitive from the law, (DON, 50s), seeks revenge on a former airline booking agent (CANDY, 30s) for an interaction between them years ago. Don has been nursing a murderous grudge for years, and has now arrived to exact his revenge. Don and his henchman BERNARDO (30s) invade Candy’s suburban home late at night. Don has been accused of murdering a neighbor in Ft. Lauderdale but it is the local bee population, and not the police, who he must now answer to. In Candy’s house, Don gets more than he bargained for.

World Premiere

20 minutes

Written and Directed by Guy Zimmerman
Produced by Darcy Lee & Gabrieal Griego

Barry Del Sherman – “John”
Laura Liguori – “Candy”
Jongman Kim – “Bernardo”
Corryn Cummings – “Clara”



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