A soldier is sitting in the trenches on the frontline looking at the flame of his lighter. We observe a short sequence of romance, marriage proposal, childbirth, and development of his family. Suddenly, an explosion occurs – it consumes the soldier. Were all the memories imaginary? It is a metaphor for the way his life could have turned out if there hadn’t been a war and he had his tomorrow.

East Coast Premiere

16 minutes

Written by Directed by Anastasiya Yevchenko
Produced by Sergii Sushon, Anastasiya Yevchenko

Oleksii Oleksyuk – Lead actor (soldier/man)
Viktoriya Levchenko – Lead actress (woman)

Patritsiia Kuznietsova – Executive producer & 1st AD
Eugene Kirey – Director of Photography
Nadya Jupiter – Production designer
Aleksandra Zubchenko – Production manager & drone operator
– Vitalii Liashko – Editor
Aleksey Olshevskiy – Sound designer
Valentyn Vernyhor – Colorist
Kirill Udovenko – VFX Supervisor



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