Lyndsay, like many modern Americans is usually glued to her smartphone. She uses it for everything; communication, work, games, and most of all… Navigation. It’s so versatile! When her phone battery dies in New York City she no longer knows how to get to an important job opportunity. She’ll need to think back to a time before smartphones and rely on the help of strangers and her own intuition to find her way. Yeah, good luck with that.

11 Minutes

Directed by Tom Capps
Written by Janelle Tedesco
Produced by Shannon Morrall, Janelle Tedesco, Tom Capps, Phillip Russell

Shannon Morrall – “Lyndsay”
Janelle Tedesco – “Carol”
Aneika Fermin –  “Delilah”
Kevin Herbst –  “Claude”

Tom A. Capps – Director, Producer
Phillip Russell – DP, Editor, Producer

Part of Opening Night Block 1

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