MOSLEY follows a family of four-legged creatures known as “thoriphants,” who work as beasts of burden for a bitter farmer on an isolated plot of land. One night, Mosley and his young son, Rue, discover a cave with ancient drawings of thoriphants just like themselves — except these have hands and walk upright. Is this what thoriphants used to be? If so what tragic event happened to devolve them into four legged creatures? The discovery sets Mosley on a dangerous quest to find out what happened to his ancestors, and perhaps realize his own true nature.

New York Premiere

1 hr 37 minutes

Written and Directed by Kirby Atkins
Produced by Tony Bancroft, Trevor Yaxley, Dan Story, Bill Boyce

Rhys Darby – Deaver
John Rhys-Davies – Warnie
Lucy Lawless – Bera
Temuera Morrison- Warfield
Kirby Atkins – Mosley
Leah Atkins – Rue



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