Two British petty criminals dig up and attempt to ransom Charlie Chaplin’s body in a desperate bid to escape the life they are trapped in. Cal and Terry Deacon, brothers and petty criminals struggle to survive on the mean streets of LosAngeles running petty schemes and trying to stay ahead of the law. Their latest, collecting charity donations for lepers isn’t paying out and Terry borrows money from the mob to put on a horse, a long shot, that he is convinced will reverse their fortunes. It doesn’t.Now on top of all their former troubles they have a mob hitman on their trail trying to kill them or collect the money they don’t have. During their attempts to ransom the dead silent comedians body which is far more complicated than they could ever have imagined they become embroiled in the illicit weed business, navigate romantic relationships with a waitress and a stripper and try desperately to avoid the rent collecting landlord and the police and not get caught in the web of violence left in their wake.

World Premiere

USA and Canada
1 Hour 42 Minutes

Directed by Paul Tanter
Written by Doug Phillips
Produced by Ken Bressers

Simon Phillips – Cal
Doug Phillips – Terry
Al Sapienza – Billy
Wayne Newton – Himself
Peter Woodward – Hynkel




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