Two men sit across each other in a bunker. Their sons were killed that day at their wedding. Gary believes they should be outside, fighting the militias that have laid siege to their town. Robert argues that there was never a good time to take up arms, and now it’s way too late. As mortars draw ever closer, the two bond over the memory of their sons and remember how sweet they were in the moments before they died.

The Reception with Richard Kind and Skipp Sudduth is a moving portrait of two men in a disintegrating America, a haunting think piece for our time.

World Premiere
12 Minutes

Written and Directed by Sean Sakamoto
Produced by Noriko Sakamoto, Zori Davidkova, and Wes Hager

Richard Kind, Robert
Skipp Sudduth, Gary

Executive Producer, Noriko Sakamoto

Part of Opening Night Block 1

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